a.    To establish an independent virtual OMEIAT INSTITUTE for

Preparing students to face entrance tests leading to admission into professional courses.


Coaching the eligible candidates for various competitive examinations for employment by the Central Govt/State Govt/Bank and other employers.


Offering career guidance to students.


Conducting refresher courses or orientation programmes to teachers and management personnel.


Exposing the trainees during the above said programmes to ethical values to make them service-minded and to familiarize them with educational, social problems of their surroundings.


Conducting research and development on various aspects of education and help the educational institutions in improving the efficiency of their service.

b.    To ofer scholorship.

c.    To periodically study the progress of education among the backward sections of Tamilnadu and to take necessary remedial steps.

d.    To provide educational facilities for the benefilt of the public.

e.    To carry on Rural Development Projects.

f.    To raise funds and acquire movable and immovable properties so that income there from is utilized for the object of the trust.

g.    To do all such other lawful acts and things as may be necessary or incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above said objects. However the objects and activities shall not be extended outside India.